work for the mann.


Social Media Manager

Do you think in 280 characters? Do you share?
Can you manage?

We’re looking for a Social Media Manager to join our tight-knit team. 

We are a full service, people focused, result driven, vertically integrated 360° blah blah blah. Gah, you’ve heard all the buzzwords before, so we’ll make this simple.

So if you can manage media, and you’re social, and you don’t think MySpace is the next big thing, and you know how to share, aaaaand you have a sense of humor, then this job is for you.


Designers (all levels)

Do you have both your ears?
Are you starving?
Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?


We’re looking for a graphic designer to join our overworked design team.

If you can move pixels, copy + paste text, and don’t think comic sans is an acceptable font, we’d love to talk to you.

We have endless coffee, minimal elbow room, too many stuffed animals, and lots of room to thrive.


prove you can follow instructions.

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